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Starting an Instagram Collection

Today I’d like to share with you this awesome Instagram feature for starting a collection.

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Instagram collections…?

Instagram Collections are private collections for organising photos that you have saved.

Instagram introduced a feature which allows you to save photos, in hopes you will return to them later. Saved photos can be seen by everyone. However, collections are private.

So to save an image, you click on the bookmark icon on the right of the post (see bellow).

Now to add it to a collection, you get this popup saying “Save to Collection”. Convenient right?

Collection ideas

So depending on your interests, you may have different collections to us. But I will give you an overview of the different types of collections we have.

Organising our collections

Cooking ideas – We both love cooking so we may see exciting recipes we would like to try out one day. These go here.

House ideas – We have a dream of building our own house one day. Ideas of what goes in them go here. This also includes decorations for our current house also.

Places to Eat – Living in London, there are endless amazing restaurants and quirky Cafes we would like to visit. These go here. We try to keep it locale, so within London and maybe Algiers.

Places to Visit – These are countries, restaurants abroad, vacations we would like to visit/see. We even have some of our honeymoon ideas on here. A lot of beaches and SPAs, you get the idea. The dream.

Places to Photograph – These are locations within England. Including London, Manchester and some other bigger cities. This is to give us some ideas of what to include on our Instagram profile one day. We also want to take up photography, and we live in the perfect canvas.

Wedding – We still haven’t had our wedding yet! (At the time of writing this). This collection is to inspire us and give us ideas of what to do for our wedding.

What do you have in your collections? Get in touch with us @SafaShems

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