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Becoming Vloggers

Our YouTube story so far

Just over a week ago, me and my husband started a Vlog on YouTube. With no sense of direction, we just wanted to share our experience as a new couple living in London.

Even though my husband has lived in London for quiet sometime now, it still feels very new for the both of us.

What we are trying to accomplish with this YouTube channel, is to give you an idea of what life is like as a new young married couple. Also to share our experiences and give you tips that may help you; from the spousal visa process that we had to go through, to the top visiting some of London’s most famous attractions (SeaWorld, London Eye).

Some stats!

So like we said, we have only just began doing this over a week ago. Here are some stats:

  • 7 videos uploaded
  • 352 YouTube Subscribers
  • 5165 Views on all videos
  • 18,900 combined minutes watched (wow!)

This is amazing for us. The only source of promotion for our videos that we have done was through our Instagram (Go follow us if you haven’t).

We usually post stories and also engage with our followers. We consider them as our friends and we tend to speak to them and listen.

Our new camera!

Canon M50

We have also invested in a new Camera. We always knew we were going to get one, so we decided to do so after uploading a few videos.

Our vlogging setup

The Camera is Canon’s M50 and it was well recommended online for Vloggers, especially ones that are just starting up. This was bought as part of a kit that came with:

The awesome thing about this camera is that it has WiFi and Bluetooth, so when we’re out and about, we are able to send the pictures to our phones so we could upload them on Instagram right away.

All in all, we are very happy with our new setup and hopefully you will see better quality pictures and videos on both our Instagram and our YouTube channel.

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