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Top Nine Instagram Accounts to Follow – March 2019 Edition

Hi all. As you all know, I am very active on Instagram and I just wanted to start a list, that I update monthly, of my Top Nine Instagram Accounts to Follow.

In no particular order, let’s get started!


Ihssane is an amazing photographer and journalist. Her profile is filed with many things that would inspire you. Not to mention, she is a fellow YouTuber, it’s great seeing someone like her so motivated and perusing her dream.


Alexandra shares with us her beautiful moment with her family. Her profile is filled with an amazing colour palette that goes perfect with a warm cup of tea in the morning.


If you like makeup, Lylia has some great tutorials, both on her Instagram as well as her YouTube channel. She’s very stylish and comes up with the perfect makeup palette for Hijabis.


Motivational speaker Noor Al Huda’s Instagram is filled with things that really get you thinking. I really love her quotes. You should check out her Instagram stories too!


We all love travelling! Let’s travel with Asma and her amazing shots from around the world through her Instagram. Her profile is mesmerizing and gives me ideas of where I would like to travel in the future inshallah with my husband.


Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. Everything I love is captured in this amazing profile by Sherynn. I enjoy watching her routines and the products she uses.


If you ask me to describe this profile in one word, simplicity. Books, coffee and a laptop. Can’t get any simpler than this right?


It’s mostly desserts, but this Jordanian food recipes look amazing. Warning: Don’t look at their profile at night though, you’ll never get to sleep and your belly will never stop rumbling.


Home decor, and everything I want my home to look like one day. If you want to inspirations, colour palettes and ideas, this profile is just perfect.


This is the ultimate lifestyle profile. Home decor, cooking, fashion and traveling. Why watch TV when you can endlessly scroll through this profile?

What do you think of my list for Top Nine Instagram Accounts? Are you following them already? Who are your Top Nine? Let me know on Instagram @SafaShems

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