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Our November Reading List

When we are not watching TV, vlogging or on our phones, Shems and I like to pick up a book and read. We do that when travelling also since our commutes in the morning are about an hour long each way.

So let’s get to it. This is our reading list for this month:

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Shems has been really concentrating more on learning about money and money management.

“When I read this book, I realised how little we know about money. It made me rethink all of our life and our priorities. I highly recommend anyone to read it who wants to be financially stable. I believe this is the secret that rich people know that hasn’t been taught to us.”


The Joy of Less – Francine Jay

Since moving together. We’ve known that we’d struggle if we don’t keep ourselves in check. Even though our house is spacious, it is still just a one bedroom apartment. This help helped us with prioritising and organising what we have in the house.

A decluttered house also means a decluttered mind.

Superhuman By Habit – Tynan

This book is more than a story. It helps you think about your habits, good ones and bad ones and how you’d be able to replace those bad habits with the good ones.

I am studying and doing the house work and still have time for social media and vlogging. Shems is the same also and making his own applications and designs. This book helped us both with managing all of this and still finding time for ourselves.

Until Friday Night – Abbi Glines

This one I wanted to put here just because it is the latest story book that I am reading. Educational books are informative, but sometimes a good story that you can lose yourself into is also great.

So thas is it for now. We haven’t blogged on here for a very long time. We have a lot to update you on hopefully in the future so let this be a restart to our blogging journey.

Tell use what are your favourites books and what are you reading now?

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